About Claudia

14 years ago I was able to fulfill my dreams and moved to Florida, where I live today with my wonderful husband and our incredible dog. In my heart still very much German but almost “Americanized” I enjoy my life here in the US, especially in Florida very much, having the advantage to live and enjoy the best of both of “my” worlds.

I love to explore the world and use as often as I can the multiple options to rent houses and condos, instead of waking up in impersonal hotel rooms.

I live in a paradise, even though I need vacation as well 🙂 and once a year I go back to my fatherland to spend a week with my family on a little island called “Sylt” in the Northern Sea.

6 years ago I founded my little company and I am excited to offer my beautiful properties to wonderful guests around the world.

Being a host is my passion and most of my guests come as strangers and leave as friends…a lot of them have come back in years since, which makes me very proud. My goal is to provide my guests not only a house but instead a real home away from home where they can spend happy, funny, eventful and romantic times, days without having any concerns, days which they won’t forget.

My team and I will do everything to make that happen, our promise.

And one more thing::

You might ask or want to know what means “RaCl”, why do my houses have all these “terrier” breed names, who is the little dog in my logo?

Well, RaCl is the name of our dog and is a combination of the first name of my husband RAiner and mine CLaudia.

In reality she is secretly the boss of the house and stands for that what we feel: We love our life.

I am excited to meet you in person.


PS. If you want to meet Racl as well let me know, she LOVES to meet new people, especially kids.

About Mandy

Mandy is originally from Germany as well and has a degree in hotel management.

She has lived in the US for over 20 years.